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At Little Treasure Books, we strongly believe in the creativity and genuine talent of many writers whose voices would go unheard if it were not for the independent publisher.  Twelve years ago, the company’s owner took a leap of faith, along with the economic risks necessary, to introduce new authors to those readers looking for books that offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration.  We sincerely accept this responsibility, and remain dedicated and determined to give these gifted writers the opportunity to have their stories told.

Our mission is to publish books of integrity that speak to the hearts, minds, and souls of our readers . . . gently putting them in touch with their inner core, ultimately offering them a place of solace. . . a place where they can be who they are and at peace wherever they are along life’s journey.

It is our objective to remain selective in choosing the books we publish.  In doing so, Little Treasure vows to uphold the highest of standards and produce only those books that will inspire, enrich, and leave readers  with a positive message.


Little Treasure Books welcomes 2008 with Josh Winheld’s autobiography, “Worth the Ride: My Journey with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.”

The perseverance and dedication 29-year-old Josh has displayed since being diagnosed with this terminal disease at 4 ½ years of age, is a testimony to just how strong the human spirit is and how much one can achieve academically and personally in the face of adversity. Whether you are disabled or able-bodied, his courage, sense of humor, and choice to live a purposeful life will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Josh’s selfless desire to see that people diagnosed with this disease in the future will live longer and possibly be cured, is reflected by his choice to give all proceeds from book sales to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (www.littletreasurebooks.com). We ask you to join Josh in his ride by purchasing a copy of “Worth the Ride: My Journey with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,” due to be released in February. 

For information on how to order this book (and make a tax-deductible contribution) please visit our Order Books page.

For additional information regarding donations please click here:  www.littletreasurebooks.com to make a donation.  To read about the Jakarta International School where Monica attended school, and their JIS Cares tsunami relief task force that was created to focus on children and the restoration of educational facilities in the areas of North Sumatra, seeking donors to initiate fund raising activities, click here:




Please find it in your heart to purchase a copy of our latest book;
“Tomorrow: Raising an Angel,” and by doing so make a tax-deductible contribution that will help homeless orphans in Indonesia.

December 2004 . . . We were on the beaches that day, and in the homes, and on the roads and in the water when the earthquake and Tsunami struck. Those of us from one country or another. Those of us who were rich and those who were poor. Those who were educated and those who were not. We were there, all of us, when the big wave took over the land.  We were together . . . Click here

Available  . . . Little Treasure Books is privileged to bring you our 10th book, “Tomorrow: Raising an Angel,” (Monica Anne Averhoff) a delicately woven piece of literature. This is a book of poetry about life, love, and loss, as seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old who died at twelve years of age in a tragic accident. The story of her short life, as foreseen in her poetry, is written by her mother.

 All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the “Monica Anne Averhoff Fund for the Education of Orphans and Homeless   Children in Indonesia through the Friends of Jakarta International School Foundation.”

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