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At Little Treasure Books, we strongly believe in the creativity and genuine talent of many writers whose voices would go unheard if it were not for the independent publisher.  Twelve years ago, the company’s owner took a leap of faith, along with the economic risks necessary, to introduce new authors to those readers looking for books that offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration.  We sincerely accept this responsibility, and remain dedicated and determined to give these gifted writers the opportunity to have their stories told.

Our mission is to publish books of integrity that speak to the hearts, minds, and souls of our readers . . . gently putting them in touch with their inner core, ultimately offering them a place of solace. . . a place where they can be who they are and at peace wherever they are along life’s journey.

It is our objective to remain selective in choosing the books we publish.  In doing so, Little Treasure vows to uphold the highest of standards and produce only those books that will inspire, enrich, and leave readers  with a positive message.

Jerry Del Priore
is a freelance sports writer from New York City, who covers minor league hockey and various other action packed sports.  A highly regarded member of the community, DelPriore volunteers his time reading to children and assists several prominent charities with fundraising events. In his upcoming book, Running Through Roadblocks, a collection of inspirational stories of athletes who have successfully battled adversity, DelPriore compassionately guides you through the trials and tribulations of these heroic athletes; leaving his audience with the notion that winning isn't always the only destination.
Enrichment Books Publishing - Publishers of Conscious Courage
Enrichment Books publishes books that focus on personal development, promote health and growth — physical, mental and emotional — and encourage you to improve the quality of your life.
roses.gif Impressive Inscriptions

Personalized Bookmarks for Everything Imaginable! 
. . . and prayer cards, note cards, bookplates and recipe card sets too!
A home based business in Rivers Edge, NJ, their goal is to make your shopping experience at Impressive Inscriptions as personal as if you walked into their little shop instead of their virtual store.  Every personalized item is designed, printed and constructed by the owners themselves, who also package and address all orders personally.   Your order receives their scrupulous attention from the moment they receive it until it is dropped in the mail to you.  "Our customers are very important to us - you can be sure we will personally take care of every detail of your order". 
Rosemarie and Rose Marie

Little Treasure would like to express our appreciation to Impressive Inscriptions for helping in the fight against meningitis. 

Pneuma Books

Today's book publishing options for writers can be confusing. Pneuma Books is on a mission to help the writer by clearing up book publishing misconceptions, distinguishing between the various types of book publishing and self-publishing available to authors, and demystifying the processes of publishing a book. If you would like to discuss your book project or ask a book publishing question, email [email protected].

Books by Ferida Wolff
 Ferida Wolff is the author of "Listening Outside Listening Inside," an inspirational book for adults, as well as fourteen books for children.  She was both a student and teacher of yoga for twenty-six years and now facilitates meditation workshops.  Please visit her website: www.feridawolff.com or contact her online at [email protected].
Books by Michael Levy that spark our minds into knowing our true identity.
Home of the Net's most interesting books and links
Books that put joy of living back into life

THANKS: The Koenig family and Little Treasure Publications thank the
Gillian Family and you for your compassion and desire to join forces with us in an effort to save the life of another child!


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