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At Little Treasure Books, we strongly believe in the creativity and genuine talent of many writers whose voices would go unheard if it were not for the independent publisher.  Twelve years ago, the company’s owner took a leap of faith, along with the economic risks necessary, to introduce new authors to those readers looking for books that offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration.  We sincerely accept this responsibility, and remain dedicated and determined to give these gifted writers the opportunity to have their stories told.

Our mission is to publish books of integrity that speak to the hearts, minds, and souls of our readers . . . gently putting them in touch with their inner core, ultimately offering them a place of solace. . . a place where they can be who they are and at peace wherever they are along life’s journey.

It is our objective to remain selective in choosing the books we publish.  In doing so, Little Treasure vows to uphold the highest of standards and produce only those books that will inspire, enrich, and leave readers  with a positive message.

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Tomorrow: Raising an Angel

A book of poetry about life, love, and loss, as seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old who died at twelve years of age in a tragic accident.


“Growing Up at 62” – Harriet May Savitz



“Messages from Somewhere” - Harriet May Savitz






Echoes of a Voice Within

Echoes of a Voice Within

A journal of inspiring quotes and blank pages intended to help the reader reach inside his/her heart and translate their own thoughts into words.


Etchings of the Soul  

Etchings of the Soul  

Comforting reading for anyone who is seeking peace of mind.


Rising to the Dawn:  A Rape Survivor’s Journey Into Healing Rising to the Dawn: A Rape Survivor’s Journey Into Healing

A compelling, tragic and heart-wrenching anthology of overwhelming significance to all individuals, male and female, who have been abused.

Tincture of Tears and Laughter  Tincture of Tears and Laughter 

This book is enjoyable, witty reading, especially for those in the medical field who will personally relate to many of the stories.

Tiny-Red's Trip to Earth Tiny-Red's Trip to Earth

An imaginative, heartwarming tale about a cherub who touches the lives of others.


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